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Case Study

Jaguar Land Rover


To improve the environmental impact and performance of its vehicles, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) sought to innovate and incorporate aluminum into their design and manufacturing process.

As a lightweight and infinitely recyclable material, an aluminum-intensive design would lower the vehicle body mass, improve fuel efficiency and, as a result, reduce the environmental footprint and running costs for customers.

However, JLR wished to mitigate the energy and cost-intensive nature of using primary aluminum in the production process and turned to long-standing partner, Novelis, for a high-recycled content material solution.


In a traditional manufacturing environment, an estimated 30-40 percent of automotive sheet is left over after a manufacturing plant stamps out automotive parts. To preserve the value of this surplus material, Novelis and JLR needed to streamline the material supply chain to reduce the total carbon footprint of the entire automotive production cycle through the implementation of a closed-loop recycling system.

At the same time, Novelis was tasked with developing an alloy that not only met the high-recycled content threshold required by its customer, but also deliver the strength, durability and formability specified by world-leading JLR engineers.


In collaboration with JLR and transport partners, Novelis established the first closed-loop system with a dedicated round-trip railway service to efficiently deliver material between Germany and the UK. This process has realized more than $1M in savings to-date and resulted in an 80 percent reduction in CO2 equivalent emissions compared to standard road transport.

In addition, Novelis partnered with JLR to develop Novelis Advanz™ 5F-s5754 RC alloy, which contains at least 75 percent recycled content. Today, this alloy is an integral part of JLR’s REALCAR program, an award-winning, multi-stakeholder initiative established to create a closed-loop vehicle production model that recycles automobiles at the end of their life cycles.


First introduced in the new Jaguar XE, the Novelis Advanz™ 5F-s5754 RC alloy is now featured in all new and legacy Jaguar Land Rover models.

As the automotive industry evolves toward a fully closed- loop end-of-life recycling model, Novelis Advanz™ 5F-s5754 RC could ultimately contain up to 100 percent recycled content from closed-loop automotive scrap.

Together, Novelis and JLR won the prestigious European Aluminum Award for their work in automotive aluminum innovation and closed-loop recycling system.

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