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  • The Novelis and Ball FIRST Robotics Alliance

Novelis brings to life our purpose of shaping a sustainable world together by teaming up with customers to develop sustainable solutions for transportation, packaging, architecture, electronics and more!


And, just as FIRST competitions feature alliances, businesses form alliances too! In fact, Ball and Novelis bring together their respective engineers, scientists and business development teams, to create sustainable packaging for your favorite beverages.

The Ball Aluminum Cup™ is Ball’s latest innovation. Infinitely recyclable and economically valuable, aluminum is the most sustainable beverage packaging material, and, like aluminum cans, aluminum cups can be easily recycled.

In fact, the aluminum cups are helping to drive sustainability at sports and entertainment venues across the country, including at Ball Arena in Denver, SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, Hard Rock Stadium in Miami and more. The cup is also available in select grocery retailers and mass retailers.

Both Ball and Novelis offer exciting global opportunities for internships, co-ops and full-time positions!


Check out the respective Careers pages to learn more.

About the CanBot

Conceptualized during a Novelis global technical leadership meeting with the East Cobb Robotics team, meet CanBot! This CanBot is designed to make STEM and Sustainability fun for the public, while promoting both FIRST Robotics and recycling. Watch this video to learn more.


Create Your Own CanBot During this Offseason!

A select number of grants are going to be available to FRC teams globally from Ball and Novelis for the creation of a recycling-themed robot. If your FRC team is interested in learning more about this grant opportunity, please enter your contact information below:



Can your team commit to the required check-ins listed below and adhere to the timeline for the creation of CanBot? By checking each box, your team is signifying commitment and agreeance with all requirements for this grant offering from Ball and Novelis.(Required)

Thank you for submitting your application and good luck!