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  • Supplier Sustainability
Sustainability has been a key value of our company since its founding, and over the years we have pushed ourselves to improve our performance in many areas.​​

Novelis has created a solid foundation on which we can continue to build a sustainable company. But we recognize that simply enhancing the sustainability of our own business will take us only so far, and that such a narrow approach would address neither our entire supply chain nor our societal obligations.

Since issuing our first sustainability report in 2011, we have compiled a comprehensive set of sustainability goals.

We are also aggressively pursuing other goals that touch all areas of business—from our employees’ health and safety, to water usage and community engagement. Reaching these goals will ensure that we fulfill our commitments and meet the expectations of our key stakeholders.

To achieve our goals, we will need to develop additional partnerships with customers, suppliers and consumers. In essence, this is about taking a life cycle approach and addressing sustainability throughout our supply chain.

Sustainability at Novelis and Extension to Supply Chain

After reviewing the key material issues facing our company and our stakeholders, we identified that two key issues, our carbon footprint and resource availability, could both be addressed through increased recycling. Additionally, we saw opportunities to improve in areas such as reporting on performance and identifying procedural needs.

Novelis sees sustainability a high priority not only for the benefit of our business, but also for the benefit of the entire aluminum industry. Our sustainability goals and priorities align with the values and initiatives of aluminum and recycling industry associations, such as:


Our Targets

We have developed performance targets to drive us toward significantly greater sustainability by the year 2020. Using an average of fiscal years (FY) 2007–2009 as our baseline year, we have developed financial, environmental and social targets as outlined here.

Supply Chain

As aluminum is infinitely recyclable, it is the material of choice for balancing the demand of a growing economy with the need to preserve the environment. We must take into account the different sustainability impacts of sourcing the goods and services required by business in Novelis.

No other material offers the versatility and environmental benefits of aluminum.

Through time, Novelis Procurement will aim to develop relationships with those suppliers that align with our Sustainability values in order to help Novelis achieve our sustainability goals and also help to drive sustainability throughout our supply chain.

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