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Pre-painted aluminum for roller shutters and boxes
Novelis products are renowned for their use in building and construction, but our aluminum also can help ensure the efficiency of buildings and maintain the comfort of those inside.

Novelis aluminum is flexible but strong, stylish but practical – characteristics that make it ideal for construction of roller shutters, sunbreakers and windows. Exposed to the harshest conditions, our pre-painted rolled aluminum can withstand mother nature’s worst yet retain its ease of use and like-new aesthetics for years to come.

Novelis SP80 is the name of a particularly abrasion-resistant paint system for roller shutter slats based on polyamide-treated premium polyurethane.

NOVELIS SP80 – Brochure (EN)
Product Specifications
Aluminum AlloyNovelis WG H4S
Numerical symbol according to ENAW-5006
Tensile strength Rm220-260 MPa
0.2 proof stress Rp0,2200-240 MPa
Elongation A50≥ 3%
Aluminum AlloyNovelis WG 53S
Symbol according to EN 573AIMg3
Numerical symbolEN AW 5754
TemperH41 / H42
Tensile strength Rm205-245 MPa / 220-260 MPA
0.2 proof stress Rp0,2125-175 MPa / 165-215 MPa
Elongation A50≥ 10% / ≥ 7%

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