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Novelis and VELUX partner to reduce carbon footprint of roof windows 

November 11, 2022

Novelis and the VELUX Group have entered into a partnership agreement focused on collaboration for increased product sustainability and carbon reduction. Novelis will provide high-recycled content, flat-rolled aluminum for use in VELUX roof windows.

The multi-year partnership agreement between Novelis and VELUX has a goal to reach below 4.0 kg carbon emitted per kilogram of the supplied rolled aluminium by the end of 2024, which is well below half the average carbon footprint of primary aluminium used in Europe. The partners are aiming for further carbon reductions by 2030.  

To achieve this, the companies are collaborating closely to evolve the design of the products so that they can absorb higher recycled content inputs. Recycling aluminium is at the core of Novelis’ sustainability strategy because recycling requires only 5% of the energy and produces up to 95 percent fewer carbon emissions than manufacturing primary aluminium.  

The partnership is a novel approach to how Novelis and VELUX work together. Novelis is more than an aluminium supplier and VELUX more than just a buyer of aluminium. We are working hand in hand to develop new alloys and coating systems that will meet VELUX’s advanced technical and performance requirements, while reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption. VELUX and Novelis will also partner to influence the building and construction industry to improve end of life recycling and circularity of all products used in this segment. 

“We are excited that we can help VELUX achieve its ambitious carbon emission reduction goals by supplying low-carbon, sustainable aluminium solutions. As a leader in aluminium sustainability, Novelis recognizes that material innovation and collaboration across the value chain will enable decarbonization, support a circular economy and help us achieve our carbon neutrality goal.”

Stephen Boney, Vice President, Specialty Products, Novelis Europe

Read more about the partnership agreement and the joint approach for carbon reduction in the published press release: VELUX Group takes next step to decarbonise aluminium in roof windows together with Novelis 

Stephen Boney, Novelis & Nikolaj Cederquist, VELUX shake hands

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