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Novelis issues 2023 Green Bond Report

April 20, 2023

Novelis issued its second Green Bond report, which highlights the company’s sustainability focused investments funded by a Green Bond.

As it leads the way in decarbonizing the aluminum industry, Novelis shares news of its investments and how they enhance the company’s ability to deliver innovative, sustainable solutions and meet its ambitious goals for reductions in carbon emissions, energy use, water use and landfill waste.

“These projects demonstrate that Novelis is successfully carrying out its purpose of ‘Shaping a Sustainable World Together’ by funding investments that significantly lower the carbon emissions of our manufacturing operations and enable us to continue to increase the recycled content of our products, which are already at industry-leading levels,” said Steve Fisher, Novelis President & Chief Executive Officer. “Innovation is the driving force behind change as Novelis and our customers work together to create a more circular economy for aluminum.”

Read the report here.