Sustainability Report 2013

Sustainability Through Disruptive Innovation

Welcome to Novelis’ third annual sustainability report, which reviews our progress and challenges at each life cycle stage of our business: sourcing, manufacturing, customer use and end of life with consumers.


Novelis is one of the largest purchasers of aluminum in the world, and our sustainability strategy is driving profound changes in how we source our aluminum inputs, products and services.

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Our sustainability strategy calls for driving improvements in our manufacturing operations – from our natural resource use, to developing our people, to strengthening engagement with our communities.

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Novelis is working closely with our customers to imagine, design and produce the next generation of innovative aluminum products.

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Consumers play a key role in our efforts to “close the loop” on the aluminum life cycle, since they help to determine how much aluminum makes it back into the recycling stream – or into the landfill.

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