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Novelis is in the process of shifting our whole business model from a traditional linear model to a closed-loop model. We are embracing an entirely new way of thinking and operating in order to radically transform our company – and, in the process, lead the way in our industry. Visit our Sustainability Section.

Novelis evercan™
Sustainability in a Can
Novelis evercan™ sheet is the world’s first beverage can material guaranteed to contain at least 90% recycled aluminum. Certified by Scientific Certification Services, an independent leader in environmental auditing, evercan saves energy and reduces GHG emissions without sacrificing product quality – truly sustainability in a can!

Choose evercan and join us in setting the new global standard for beverage packaging.
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Why evercan

Having the evercan logo on your beverage increases your recognition as a sustainable brand and helps motivate consumers to recycle your product – doing your part to create a more sustainable world and reducing your carbon footprint one can at a time.  Keep reading to learn more, or contact us now for more information​.
The evercan Story
Find out what consumers are saying
Find out what evercan customers are saying
Traditional Can vs. evercan

CSC Global Certified Logo
90% and counting – With at least 90% recycled content guaranteed, Novelis evercan body sheet is the first certified high recycled content aluminum designed specifically for the beverage can industry.

With evercan, we’re redefining the industry standard when it comes to sustainable packaging – raising the bar from recyclable to recycled – turning the cans from today into cans for tomorrow, infinitely.
Novelis evercan is globally available and guaranteed to contain high recycled content. Recycling saves greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, energy and valuable resources.
Benefits to your brand

Novelis evercan proves to consumers that their recycling efforts do in fact make a difference and that your brand is taking an active role in driving a more closed-loop, circular economy.

Recent studies show 69% of consumers today look for sustainable packaging when deciding what groceries to buy.*

More than half of consumers (56%) say they would choose one beverage brand over another if they believe it to be more sustainable.*
*Based on 2014 survey findings by Forum For the Future.
Current customer results

By switching to evercan, craft brewer Red Hare Brewing Company saved enough GHG emissions to equal taking 10 cars off the road for an entire year – that’s saving 48 metric tons of CO2 from the air every year.
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Novelis evercan: The world's first certified high recycled content aluminium can sheet (6:42 min)
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