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casting molds, casting machines  

Technical expertise and innovation for aluminium casthouses.

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casting molds, casting machines  

News from Novelis PAE, supplier of casthouse technology and service.

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PAE Casthouse Equipment Manufacturing: Casting Machines & Molds

Novelis PAE combines the know-how of equipment manufacturing with the extensive operating experience and research and development capabilities. Novelis PAE provides solution in the fields of casting and molten metal treatment, drawing on the experience, competence and creativity of its staff. The result is an extensive line of DC casting, CC casting (JUMBO 3C® ), degassing and filtration equipment (ALPUR® , JETCLEANER® , PDBF® , CFF, IRMA® ). Highly qualified, dedicated teams provide global project management covering engineering, commissioning and on-site training services to ensure on-time start-up of production. In addition to the sale of specific casthouse equipment, Novelis PAE is able to supply associated spare parts and consumables.

Twin-Roll Strip Casters
Over more than 50 years, Novelis PAE has built up a unique expertise in the field of continuous strip casting. With to date over one hundred and ten Jumbo 3C® - 3CM® twin roll casters in operation worldwide and fully aware of present and future ever-increasing market requirements, Novelis PAE continuously strengthen its leading position as a supplier of continuous casting technology. The Jumbo 3CM®, the latest generation of Novelis PAE twin roll casters, produces strips of aluminum alloys by feeding molten metal between water-cooled rolls on a 2-Hi mill. A Jumbo 3CM® caster implements an all-in-one process combining two different operations i.e. metal solidification and hot rolling.

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casting molds, casting machines


Direct Chill (DC) Casting Equipment
Novelis PAE is able to supply DC casting machines, molds, automation, supervision systems and global engineering of the casting line.

Novelis PAE proposes fully automated casters consisting of:

  • Sliding casting table including mold support plate, stripping grid,
  • Self-guided hydraulic cylinder,
  • Water cooling supply, with pulsing system for better start of cast,
  • Casting launder with utility beam supporting level control systems,
  • Transfer trolley and safety barriers.

Other DC casting equipment advances available through Novelis PAE technology include:
  • The water hole mold technology concept. Different options are available, including the water pulsing and the automatic mold lubrication systems. Molds are available in any dimension for requested slab sizes and alloys; they can be fixed or adjustable. The adjustable mold version allows the casting of different slab widths using the same mold.
  • The process automation system called AUTOPAK®. It manages the sequence of casting phases and controls the associated parameters. As a result, no manual operation is needed during aluminum slab production. AUTOPAK® can be integrated into all types of casting pits and with any type of mold.
  • A DATA MANAGER software for off-line follow-up and analysis. The powerful DATA MANAGER uses a real SQL database to manage and analyze the data and parameters from all equipment.
  • Molten metal level control equipment. The level of the molten aluminum is controlled by a laser or capacitance sensor utilizing an advanced digital technology to achieve a very high degree of accuracy. Novelis PAE is now also proposing an upgraded family of digital capacitance level control equipment.

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casting molds, casting machines

The Leader in Degassing & Filtration
Aluminum contains a certain amount of impurities. It is necessary to get rid of them as they adversely affect the final quality of the end product e.g. modification of mechanical properties, forming difficulties. To meet degassing and filtration needs, Novelis PAE is able to propose a large range of equipment.

  • ALPUR® , an in-line degasser with its patented rotor
  • JETCLEANER® , a compact in-line trough degassing unit
  • CFF, a ceramic foam filter
  • PDBF® , an ingenious deep bed of alumina balls and grits for fine filtration
  • IRMA® in-furnace metal treatment system

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After-sales service
Remaining attentive to customer needs, the Novelis PAE after-sales department is able to give expert advice and rapidly deliver the requested spares and consumables. For more information: Contact Us
casting molds, casting machines  

Novelis recycles 40 billion beverage cans annually. That is enough cans to circle the globe more than 100 times, providing an important source of metal for the company and helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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From cars to buildings to smart phones, aluminum is a key component of more products than you might realize. We are the only company capable of producing high-end rolled products in North America, South America, Asia and Europe.


Aluminum is becoming the product of choice in consumer electronics. Properties including light weight and superior ability to dissipate heat make it aluminum an attractive option for flat screen TVs, laptops smart phones and other electronics applications.