Commercial Aluminum Recycling At Novelis
aluminum recyclers, recycled aluminumNovelis is the world's leading aluminum purchaser and recycler. We offer an attractive price for used aluminum beverage cans and other aluminum scrap. To help achieve our target of 80% recycled content by 2020, we will greatly increase the amount of scrap we purchase.  Novelis buys both new (from alloy and aluminum production) and old (post-consumer) aluminum scrap from a variety of sources and markets.

​ The following information is directed toward commercial companies and organizations seeking buyers for larger quantities of both used and new aluminum scrap. More information on recycling locations and contacts can be found by region and/or country.

North America


Our North American recycling organization is based in the company's headquarters in Atlanta. You can download the territory map for our North America Recycling team, contact the buyer responsible for your area f​or current pricing.

For all North America commercial recycling or scrap inquires contact:

Andy McKee
Recycling Manager – UBC/Non UBC
+1 615 419 3484



For information regarding commercial recyc​ling everywhere in Europe except the UK contact:

Lars Schwarz
Manager, Metal Procurement
Novelis Europe
+49 551 304 360
+49 1 725 640734


The Novelis aluminum can recycling plant has the capacity to recycle every can sold in the UK. To learn more about how you can become a supplier, go to: United Kingdom providers. To download a copy of our full specification please click here. If you have UK-sourced UBC that has been shredded please contact your Novelis representative prior to arranging a delivery.

For more information about recycling in the UK:

For all non-UBC scrap inquiries for the UK, contact:
Bill Routledge

Purchasing Manager Metals
+44 1 925 784 127
+44 7 779 322 892


South America

To download a copy of the full supplier specification guidelines for UBC collection at our South American facilities, go here:


For large commercial purchases and imports, please contact:

Luide Reis
+55 12 3641 9203

​​Luciano Zollinger
+55 11 5503-0669


For information regarding commercial recyc​ling everywhere in Asia contact: ​
Yunsoo Jung

General Manager, Metal Procurement Team
Office: +82 2 2259 1675
Mobile: +82 10 5164 3615

Novelis Korea Limited
23F, Yonsei Jaedan Severance Bldg., 84-11,
5-ga, Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea 100-753
​​ To download a copy of the full supplier specification guidelines for collection at our Korean facilities click here
Novelis evercan™

Novelis evercan™ provides the opportunity for ​beverage owners to package their soft drinks and beer in a high-recycled, low carbon foo​tprint beverage container.

Manufacturing Capabilities

From recycling to remelting, from casting to rolling, from finishing to customer distribution – aluminum manufacturing is a complex and precision-driven process. Take a look at the science and technology behind Novelis’ success.

Markets We Serve

From cars to buildings to smart phones, aluminum is a key component of more products than you might realize. We are the only company capable of producing high-end rolled products in North America, South America, Asia and Europe.